Martin Elvey, CEO, The Pain Care Group
Head Physiotherapist
M.Sc. (Physiotherapy) Wits
Martin Elvey has been a physiotherapist in private practice for over twenty years, with extensive experience in management of chronic pain conditions. He qualified as a physiotherapist at the University of Cape Town and pursued further study at the University...
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Miriam Krawitz, Occupational Therapist, The Pain Care Group
BSc (Occupational Therapy/Therapist) York College
Miriam Krawitz is the in house Occupational Therapist at The Pain Care Group. She has a BSc from York College (New York City) as well as Post Graduate Diploma in Vocational Rehabilitation (University of Pretoria). She is registered with all the relevant...
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Mandy Magid, Psychologist, The Pain Care Group
Mandy is a clinical psychologist registered with the HPCSA and works with all of The Pain Care Group patients. Her areas of interest include psychiatric disorders, grief, trauma, chronic diseases, and pain management. Mandy employs an integrative...
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